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Order 1931 MODEL A ROADSTER now!


Price: Only $9.95

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1931 MODEL A ROADSTER Description:

When Henry Ford finally decided to discontinue the Model T in 1927, there was much speculation about the wisdom of this move. Ford's concern turned to joy when over 25 million Americans flocked to Ford showrooms in the first week just to get a glimpse of the new Model A. In the 70 years that have passed since the introduction of the 1931 Model A Deluxe Roadster, this model is still the favorite of hot rodders and customizers. Car lovers everywhere still admire the efficient 200.5 cubic inch, 4-horsepower engine, cowl headlights and rumble seat. No wonder Ford was able to sell over 50,000 Deluxe Roadsters at $475 each. The 70th anniversary edition of the 1931 Model A Roadster is 1:32 scale precision die-cast replica that measures 5 inches long and features over 100 hand-assembled parts. Car lovers will love details like working steering; opening doors, rumble seats and tailgates; and dual-opening hood with intricately detailed engine.

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